All homes start with a dream. There’s that first flurry of excitement you feel as you sketch your thoughts on a napkin. Then the joy of seeing it translated into architectural plans and finally, the hope that’s embedded with each spread of the trowel over the rising brick and mortar.

At Oxford Contract Builders , our goal is to turn your dream from a castle in the clouds to one in bricks and mortar. Working with the best architects and engineers in the state, we pull the preliminary structural designs, mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans together with one aim – the most beautiful home you’ve ever imagined. To keep costs, but not quality, down we investigate and evaluate alternative construction methods and materials.

Because we want to provide a hands-on, personal service, we limit the number of projects we take on at any one time, and continually monitor the excellence of our contractors’ work. We take pride in delivering homes of the highest quality. We want your experience of building your home to be as easy and enjoyable a process as possible. Which is why, our fulltime Project Managers oversee the entire process and keep you informed with both weekly progress reports and monthly on-site meetings.

Oxford takes your home from dream to reality through:

  • Planning
  • Architects
  • Budgeting
  • Engineers
  • Council Approval
  • Private Certifiers
  • Co-ordination of our qualified and registered trades professionals