Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home renovations to take place. They are the most used room in the house, and if the Italian home is anything to go by, they should also be the heart and lifeblood of your home.

It is integral that you consider any changes you are undertaking carefully, as the functionality of your kitchen is paramount to the success of your home. Here are a few things we suggest you think about before launching into kitchen renovations.

• As with any home renovation, the first thing you need to decide upon is your budget. The finishes, surfaces and quality of appliances vary greatly according to budget. Having an idea of what you want to spend will ensure that you aren’t pushed into purchasing items that you can’t afford, and will also ensure you don’t dream up your perfect kitchen, only to discover it is financially beyond reach.

• Consider how you use your kitchen; functionality is key, especially with kitchen sinks. The humble kitchen sink is the most used aspect of any kitchen, so positioning is very important. Avoid tucking yourself into a corner or allowing too little space for drying racks etc.

• Keep in mind that ventilation over cook tops will require either access to outside, or will recycle the air back into your kitchen. Ensure that you allow for either of these, and make time to research which option will best suit your needs.

Bench height is another consideration. Normally, benches stand at approximately 0.9 metres. If you find standard benches too high or too low for you, you may wish to deviate slightly from this.

• Lighting is a surprisingly important aspect of kitchen renovation success, both from a usability and aesthetic perspective. Great lighting can really impact the style of your kitchen and can also ensure you aren’t left with dark corners or dim light near your sink making it difficult to wash up.

• Consider the materials you will be using. Flooring for example needs to take both safety and visual appeal into account. Slippery surfaces are not ideal for kitchens, which have the propensity to get wet. Similarly, choose your bench top surfacing to meet both practical and aesthetic requirements. Bench tops suffer the most wear and tear, so this is possibly something that is worth spending money on.

• Decide where and how many power points you will need. Think about their positioning in relation to other appliances. Where will you position your toaster, where are you most likely to use food processors etc.

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